Wow is all I can say • Iris + Terminator-Plus

Yes, the Terminator-Plus is delivered. I set it up Tuesday evening and am burning it in. The Iris came last week and I plugged it in to the Terminator. Initially it was awful but gradually improved but was not as good as the USB from the Innuos Statement. When I tried to use it (Iris) with the Terminator-Plus it made an awful screeching sound. I realized the I2S was set up for my W4S Music server. I set it to the PS standard 100 last night. Wow is all I can say. I think the reason the Terminator did not sound great was I did not have the I2S setting right. The Terminator is in a box now and at my office so I am not likely to bring it home and re listen. I have the clock cables on order

The Pontus really drew me into the music.  

I listened for a few hours. Listened to Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy.  Detail and soundstage was amazing. The Pontus really drew me into the music.  Could hear Dylan’s raspy voice like never before. Components: Cambridge CXA81/CXN DENAFRIPS Pontus DAC Sonus Faber Sonetto II speakers Credit: Happy owner - Michael H WHERE TO BUY?

Sounds really good...very analog like

I’m hooking up my computer to Iris and output Toslink to Chord Mojo and listening via headphone. Sound of ripped CD playing via Hysolid player is fuller, less screamingly bright and more musical. Sounds really good...very analog like. Credit: Peter K. WHERE TO BUY?

The Pontus sounds better

Yeah! I was using just the Hegel 190 internal dac which was fine but then I added the Hugo 2 and it sounded better, which led me to learn that a better dac makes a difference. I read about the Pontus and decided to give it a try and I’m happy that the Pontus sounds better than the Hugo 2. Anyway, the Hugo 2 is not meant to be a speaker based dac and more for headphones as it has limited connection options. The Pontus sounds better with better separation, sound stage and tighter bass response.... sounds good! Credit: Michael L, happy owner of Pontus DAC WHERE TO BUY?

This DAC has SOUL and EMOTIONS - Terminator Plus!

I’m not a reviewer and find it difficult to describe what I exactly hear. But with this Terminator Plus DAC it was obvious: summarizes In one word: MUSIC! This DAC has SOUL and EMOTIONS. Foot tapping and watery Eyes. I’m always a bit nervous when listening to Delta Sigma, I do loose the connection with the details and the place in space……. With the ladder Dac’s this isn’t so much the case (IMO). Very detailed highs, spooky mids and a bass made for my (smallish) room. My system: 2 x EtherRegen (fiberglass between the two) with Farad Super3 Cirrus 7 Nimbini Server Roon 432 Evo Essence (Roon-NUC+Streamer+Endpoint+DAC) Auralic Aries G1 (with Updated Powersupply) Denafrips Terminator Plus icOn 4

PONTUS DAC - It's natural, relaxed, expressive and musical.

"After reviewing the Ares II that offers amazing sound quality for the money, I was very curious what the Pontus would bring, costing slightly over 2 times as much. So let’s dive right in." Watch the review on YouTube: Credit: The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel WHERE TO BUY?

Denafrips Pontus - it’s all about the music

Denafrips Pontus - it’s all about the music A year ago, I started a project and journey in upgrading the digital side of my audio equipment. My philosophy was to hold on to my aged analog components; Quad 405-2 amp (1985), Conrad Johnson PV-10 tube preamp (1989) and SoundLab Dynastat electrostatic/hybrid speakers (2000). Good quality analog components are capable of deliver far better sonically than most people imagine. Before starting my quest, I already had converted my entire CD collection to digital files, which I played through a Mac Mini (2012) using Audirvana+ player. I used upsampling on-the-fly, using iZotope SRC filter. I googled ways to optimise the Mini as endpoint player, delive

Venus II has been the single biggest upgrade I have done to my system

Only took 53hrs on the Venus II to pack up my Brooklyn Dac+ for resell! Ok it’s been 10 days and I can honestly say that the Venus II has been the single biggest upgrade I have done to my system since its inception several years ago. Huge soundstage with a well balanced sound. It’s like when you get your coffee the perfect color that you like. Here’s how I use the Venus II currently Dedicated PC with upgraded PS and 2 terabyte SSD HD with Jplay USB card powered by uptone audio lps 1.2 - curious USB cable to SOTM thx-ultra USB - curious USB cable out of SOTM to a Singxer su-6 - from su-6 via AES To Venus (have hdmi cable on order) - balanced out of Venus to Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE preamp level

PONTUS DAC - The Best DAC Award 2020!

"The Best DAC Award 2020 ! It has won the Next Best Thing Studio Award with its outstanding performance that outclasses many of the DACs." Credit: The Next Best Thing Studio Subscribe: WHERE TO BUY?


Hi Alvin, I'm glad to be part of the Vinshine Denafrips adventure. I am so happy with my ARES II. But now it is paired with the IRIS, all I can say is that's the perfect match so far. Many Many Thanks again. Yours sincerely Pascal L. WHERE TO BUY?

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