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The Terminator II is a trickle down of the Terminator Plus DAC. It is filled with our years of R&D achievement in it. State of the art fourth generation discrete resistor 26Bit R-2R for PCM decoding, 6Bit DSD hardware decoding with 32 steps FIR filters, a total breakthrough of the traditional integrated chip constraints.

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The DAC core conversion module R-2R is constructed with 0.005% high precision, 10ppm low thermal effect precision resistors. Each channel uses more than 500pcs of these precision resistors, or 1000pcs for two channels, it's 4 times more than the other typical R-2R DAC. These achieve a truly astonishing low distortion, full balanced design. Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators OCXO clocks are used with FIFO buffer and reclocking - to eliminate the word-clock jitter from the sources.

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Dedicated encapsulated beefy linear power supply unit, designed in a thick metal alloy enclosure, can be found underneath the DAC board with additional steel plate divider between them for extra shielding. The box-within-box design, not only does it eliminates the inherited problems of dual box solution, it presents the micro details and attentions DENAFRIPS put into the Terminator II DAC.


Beefy dual O-Core Transformers for Digital and Analog sections, Ultra-Low ESR, Long Endurance Reservoir Capacitors, and multi-stages super linear power supply, ensuring ultra precision, low ripple power supply charging up DAC.

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The award-winning Terminator II remains as our True Reference DAC to-date.


Looking for even better? The very last bit of ultimate performance? Flagship Reimagine: Terminator-Plus DAC is for you.

*Footers seen on the photos are after-market. Actual footers shipped with the DAC are SS spike and spike shoe.

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Denafrips Terminator II Review and Comparison

I'm not joking when I say that I could completely picture Jordan striking the steel drum, ranging between medium speed to somewhat fast strikes with mallets in both hands. I'd never heard this level of detail previously. It gave me a whole new take on the track because it was just more real.


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