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A DAC Hat Trick

"Denafrips has gone and done it, producing three DACs that delighted me with reproduction that brings out the heart and beast in what ever music I sent its way. As you might expect, the Terminator II’s upgrades over the lower priced Denafrips DACs allow for even deeper exploration of the sounds and moods in music. Very well done!"


Michael Lavorgna @ Twittering Machines

Steff Huff • Youtube Review

Hello! Today I want to talk about the Denafrips Terminator II DAC. How it is built, how it sounds and even compared to the Pontus II and Chord DAVE. The Terminator II DAC is a world class DAC that brings the high end for much less money. Enjoy!


Steve Huff Photo & HiFi

DENAFRIPS Terminator II DAC, Wowsa!

"So Steve, what do you really think?"

"Well, I think I just told you what I really think. But i will sum it up this way: For the price, for the built quality you get for that money, and the sound quality, i think the Terminator II is actually a deal - at least by Audiophile standards - it is underpriced for what you get."


Steve Guttenberg - The Audiophiliac

Denafrips Terminator II Review and Comparison

I'm not joking when I say that I could completely picture Jordan striking the steel drum, ranging between medium speed to somewhat fast strikes with mallets in both hands. I'd never heard this level of detail previously. It gave me a whole new take on the track because it was just more real.


Chris @

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