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"This digital converter sounds so good it might 'convert' LP-loving audiophiles.

Denafrips may be a funny-sounding name for an audiophile electronics company, but its Ares digital converter’s sound is seriously great!"

Steve Guttenberg (CNET, 2019)

Ares II (6).JPG
Ares 12th-1 Silver L - Front.png

To commemorate DENAFRIPS’s 12 years of digital audio excellence, the Ares 12th Anniversary Edition features the most frequently requested - I²S input, redesigned front panel, as well as performance enhancements.

"The Best DAC Award 2020 !


It has won the Next Best Thing Studio Award with its outstanding performance that outclasses many of the DACs."

The Next Best Thing Studio (NBT, 2020)

"This is the third Denafrips DAC I review. That’s driven by the remarkably good ‘price to sound quality’ ratio.


This time even absurdly high sampling rates are supported, next to a lot of inputs. But the real reason to buy this DAC is the price/sound quality ratio."

Hans Beekhuyzen (2020)

Terminator (4).png

"The Terminator simply added a whiff of 'analogue' or 'tube' feel.


Being digital and solid-state, that suggested very deliberate know-how; and finesse to obtain just the right dose."

Srajan Ebaen (6moons, 2017)

"The transparency is shockingly good.


The first time my wife listened to music over the Terminator-Plus, she immediately noticed things in the arrangement she hadn't heard before.

She has no interest in equipment and even less in technology. She just loves music.


That's what the Terminator-Plus does; it opens up any recording so much more than anything i have heard in my setup #1."

Hans Beekhuyzen (2020)

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