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The ARES15th redefines the  DAC standard with its remarkable performance enhancement

The ARES15th utilizes cutting-edge audio technology and precision craftsmanship to achieve a level of audio quality that far surpasses its peers. Whether it's the deep, powerful bass, the smooth and detailed mids, or the clear and transparent highs, every audio detail is perfectly reproduced, delivering an unforgettable listening experience.


The Ares 15th has been enhanced with an anodized aluminum chassis, now offered in both silver and black colors.


This highly desired option fulfills the preferences of potential customers who seek a DAC in a compact form factor, particularly with a silver color choice. Building upon the immense popularity of its predecessor, the Ares 15th further elevates the already impressive build quality of the Ares 15th.


In its compact 2.4 to 2.5-liter size, the ARES15th features a comprehensive range of connectivity options, including USB, optical, and coaxial inputs and outputs. Regardless of your audio equipment needs, the ARES15th connects effortlessly, accommodating various usage scenarios.

Equipped with a low-phase-noise oscillator, the ARES15th ensures exceptional signal stability and an ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio. This innovation not only enhances the clarity and detail of the sound but also effectively reduces noise and distortion within the system, providing robust support for the audio experience.

Adopt a Low Phase
Noise Oscillator


Optimize the chip driver


Add infrared remote control receiver


The Ares 15th features an upgraded Linear Power Supply section, incorporating a capacitors bank branded with 'DENAFRIPS', OEM in accordance to DENAFRIPS specification for audio. On top of the constant current LDO Linear Regulators, a large heatsink is securely attached. To power the FPGA, modular USB module, and balanced R-2R Ladder Networks, eight multi-stage LDO Linear Regulators are employed.


DENAFRIPS meticulously hand-winds the oversized O-Core transformer in-house, incorporating multiple layers of copper shielding between the windings. This design choice effectively reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic fields (EMF).


Priced under $1500, the ARES15th offers the best value for a mid-end DAC. Its exceptional performance in audio quality, functionality, and design provides users with an outstanding purchase experience. Whether you're an audiophile or a professional audio engineer, the ARES15th is the ideal choice you can trust.


(Ares II / Enyo)

The Most Important Component I Have Ever Heard

It sounds like there is music coming in the room. Not coming from the speaker, but in the room. More real, more tactile.



For most, this DAC is an end-all.

The best candidate for this DAC is any music lover serious about audio but doesn't want to go too deep into the rabbit hole financially.


Michael Perez, Founder | Audio Arkitekts

HI-FI Trends: Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend it for those who have systems on the hyper-detailed side, I think it will be a good balance. I also recommend it for those who want a good representation of what R2R DACs have to offer without spending a boatload of cash. Highly Recommended!


Paul Cash

The Denafrips Ares II is the DAC you are looking for

Camera: Olaf von Voss | Editor: John Darko | Motion GFX: John Darko | Ad segment: Jana Dagdagan


John @ Darko Audio

Twittering Machines Favorite DACs

If you want excitement from your digital music, the ARES II does that. If you want natural beauty, the ARES II does that too. If you want to stop chasing bits and fretting over sampling rates, file formats, and DAC topologies, the ARES II offers a cure. Finally, if you want to sit down with your music and let the world slip away for an albums- or days- or weeks-worth of time, the Denafrips ARES II is your little red pill.


Michael Lavorgna

Audiophilia Star Component Award

The Denafrips Ares II is a pretty incredible value at $750 (S$1028), it is a no-frills device with tank-like build quality and a natural analog sound signature that will please many digital-skeptics. A lot has been made about this DAC’s ability to punch above its weight, and I do think it sounds better than many competing units in and above its price bracket.



The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel

Over the last decade ladder converters have drastically gained in popularity, especially in the higher price ranges. This Denafrips Ares II only costs about € 780 but still has a linear power supply, balanced outputs and even does PCM 1,536 kHz and DSD1024.


The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel

THE STEREO TIMES - Editor Choice

Simply said, the Denafrips Ares II is one of the all-around best values in high-end digital audio.



A British Audiophile - Outstanding Award

The Denafrips Ares II is a well reviewed and highly acclaimed DAC. In this video, I take a look and see what the fuss is about. I discuss the virtues and drawbacks of R2R DACs vs Delta-Sigma designs. I also share some technical insights about the Ares II which have not been in the public domain before.


Tarun @ A British Audiophile

Five Stars & Alpha-Audio Approved Award

The little Denafrips Ares II looks very cute but surprised us by its mature presentation and versatility. You can choose the setting that best suits your setup and there are enough connections to connect multiple sources. It is built like a tank and is full of quality components. is a unique device that charms and intrigues. The Denafrips Ares II is truly a divine d/a converter!"



6moons ARES II DAC - Realsization Award

Let's try to refine the picture for Ares II. The comparison to a high-quality 2A3 SET is still spot on. Ares II has that luscious sweet midrange you'd expect, with a sunny treble to illuminate the soundstage without putting anything in a harsh light. It doesn't quite have the ephemeral lightness of a 45 SET but far more robust bass and it avoids the bloat and slowness of lesser 300B amps.


Frederic Beudot @ 6moons

NBT Studio: The Best DAC 2019

This is my Denafrips Ares 2 DAC review. It has won the Next Best Thing Studio Award with its outstanding performance that outclasses many of the DACs.


Jay @ The Next Best Thing Studio

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