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The APOLLO High-End Stereo Power Amplifier is here! It is a beefed-up version of the award-winning HYPERION, fully discrete, true balanced, class AB power amplifier. The output power is rated at conservative of 225W per channel into 8ohms, 450W into 4ohms (both channels driven, rms). 

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The 2000VA toroid transformer is custom-made for audio with copper shielding. Total 16pairs of BJT transistors per channel, coupled with large reservoir capacitors and fast switching action Schottky diodes, delivering more than adequate DC power rails to the modular power amplifier modules. 

True balanced input are being amplified (both +ve and -ve signal w.r.t gnd) by the modular power amplifier circuitry. Delivering power of 225W per channel into 8ohms, and 450W per channel into 4ohms. Its superior driving capacity is capable to drive large floor stander and room filling sound effortlessly. 

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NOTE: DENAFRIPS power amps are true balanced. Please do not connect the amplifier' speaker output to the sub-woofer high level input. Such a connection may potentially damage the amplifier. Please contact us should you need to integrate the sub-woofer to the stereo system. 

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