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The IRIS represents our introductory-level USB Digital To Digital Converter. DENAFRIPS dedicated a substantial 3-year period to refining its development, utilizing the advancements present in our acclaimed DAC.


These advancements encompass DENAFRIPS exclusive FPGA DSP Processing, FIFO Buffer & Reclocking technologies, and an exceptional USB Audio Interface Solution via the STM32F466 Advanced AMR-based MCU.

In celebration of DENAFRIPS's 12 years of exceptional digital audio expertise, the Iris 12th Anniversary Edition incorporates highly sought-after sound quality the original Iris had, and performance enhancements.


A DDC, which stands for Digital-to-Digital Converter, functions as a device that transforms a digital audio signal from one format or interface to another within the digital domain. Its primary purpose revolves around facilitating harmony between distinct audio systems, particularly when confronted with diverse digital interfaces.

The Denafrips digital-to-digital converter (DDC) represents a device meticulously crafted to accept a digital audio signal in a specific digital connection, for example, USB, and subsequently convert it into an alternative digital audio outputs. This conversion process not only enhances the audio quality but also involves the application of advanced processing techniques.

Denafrips DDC employs a FIFO buffer to store and manage the incoming digital input signal. This buffering process is enhanced and reclocked by the utilization of an internal high-quality Femto clock, which ensures precise timing and synchronization. Additionally, the DDC incorporates galvanic isolation, safeguarding the signal from electrical interference and maintaining signal integrity throughout the conversion process.

Denafrips has earned a reputation for producing DDCs that excel in audio performance, driven by the integration of cutting-edge technologies to ensure precision during signal conversion, preserving the authenticity of audio data with enhancement. These DDCs serve as a crucial link in connecting disparate digital audio setups, fostering compatibility among varied audio components that might employ differing digital interfaces or possess distinct sampling rates.

The 12th Anniversary Edition

A combination of 8 sets of Precision Linear Power Regulators with Ultra Low Noise characteristics, coupled with an oversized 60VA UPOCC Copper O-Core Transformer, efficiently provides clean power to the digital circuitry.

The incoming USB digital signal data-stream undergoes FIFO buffering and is subsequently reclocked using the FEMTO Crystal Oscillator. This meticulous procedure significantly minimizes jitter, guaranteeing that the resulting digital output signal remains unaffected by detrimental jitter noise.

Iris 12th boasts an enhancement in the form of a 60VA O-Core Shielded Transformer. This transformer is meticulously crafted in-house by DENAFRIPS engineers, utilizing UPOCC copper.


The oversized 60VA O-Core Shielded Transformer delivers substantial power to the multi-stage linear power supply of the Iris 12th DDC. This improvement ensures that the Iris receives an abundant and stable power supply for optimal performance.


If you're uncertain about finding a USB Digital-to-Digital Converter that could enhance the sound quality of your Computer Audio System (CAS), your search can end here. Opt for the IRIS to revolutionize your computer (PC/Mac/RPI/etc) into a high-quality transport.


The IRIS seamlessly pairs with a wide array of DAC brands and models available in the market. Acquire it and incorporate it into your setup to experience the discernible transformation.


More audiophile snake oil? I take a close look.

The Denafrips Iris DDC (digital- to- digital converter) is designed to clean up the USB output from your streamer or computer, re-clock it and send it to your DAC. It is supposed to improve sound quality.


A British Audiophile

Denafrips has engineered a first class iteration

In all my listening, the main benefits of the Iris became very clear: image coherence and inky black backgrounds. Whatever tonal tendencies your individual DAC may possess, the Iris will likely not alter them, but it can definitely be a non-subtle upgrade in terms of focus and noise.


Michael Johnson

IRIS DDC is an easy recommendation

During my time with the IRIS, there was no question that it took the sound of the Pontus II and my McCormack DAC 1 Platinum to a higher level and the upgrade in sound quality was consistent between the two DACs.


Ken Redmond

Twittering Machines

In each case, there was a clear, Are we clear? Crystal, improvement in sound quality when the Denafrips IRIS was in the system doing its thing, as compared to going straight out of the Pi via USB. While these sonic improvements varied in terms of degree according to the DAC, better was simply better in every case.


Michael Lavorgna

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