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Introducing the Denafrips Hades Preamp: Redefining Audiophile Elegance

Elevate your audio experience to celestial heights with the Denafrips Hades Preamp, a masterpiece born from uncompromising dedication to audio perfection. Crafted for the discerning audiophile, the Hades stands as the pinnacle of precision engineering and sonic sophistication.

Engineered with precision and care, the Hestia stands as a testament to excellence, boasting a fully discrete, true balanced, class A line stage.


Its advanced microprocessor-controlled relay-based 60 stepped attenuator, featuring precision-matched resistors, ensures flawless channel balance and an astonishingly low distortion level of only 0.000230%. Experience audio purity like never before with the Hades.


Unparalleled Audio Fidelity and Clarity


Step into a realm of unmatched sonic purity. The Denafrips Hades is meticulously engineered to deliver pristine audio reproduction, ensuring that every note, every breath, and every detail of your music is faithfully brought to life. Immerse yourself in a symphony of clarity, depth, and richness that transcends expectations.

Exquisite Design, Premium Build


Elegance meets functionality in the design of the Hades. Encased in premium materials and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its sleek aesthetics complement its robust construction. The Hades isn’t just a preamp; it's a statement piece that seamlessly integrates into your audio setup while adding a touch of sophistication.

Hades png (5).png

Balanced Preamp

  • For optimal audio quality, it's strongly advised to integrate a dedicated analog volume control preamplifier into your system when using the DENAFRIPS DAC, ensuring an exceptional audio experience.

Pairing seamlessly with the PONTUS and VENUS DAC, the HADES stands as an impeccable companion.


Combine it with the HYPERION or THALLO Power Amp, and you've assembled a meticulously balanced, high-fidelity audio system that delivers exceptional performance.

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CNC Machined Remote Control Unit

Crafted from a solid block of aluminum and elegantly anodized in sleek black, the remote control unit embodies both style and functionality.


It seamlessly manages preamp volume, source selection, and display dimming for an effortless user experience.


Experience Audio Excellence with the Denafrips Hades Preamp.

Unleash the full potential of your music and indulge in a symphony of unparalleled sound quality, precision engineering, and timeless elegance. Elevate your audio journey with the Denafrips Hades Preamp—a true testament to premium craftsmanship and sonic brilliance.

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