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Quick Start Guide

  • ​Connect the AC Mains to the DAC​ power socket inlet
  • Switch on the power. Once the AC supply is on, the DAC will be in Standby mode (Standby LED shall be on)
  • Press on the Standby button once to turn on the DAC (Standby LED shall switch off)
  • Select USB Input, the respective LED shall switch on
  • Note: DENAFRIPS DAC USB input require the USB cable to carry +5V supply. The DAC uses the USB cable power supply as logical input to switch on the USB receiver chip via the internal Linear Power Supply. In the event of USB input is not selected, the USB receiver chip supply will be cut off to reduce possible interference of USB to the rest of the Input signals
  • Boot up the computer, i.e. Laptop / Desktop / Streamer
  • Connects the USB cable from the computer to the DAC
  • Unzip the USB Driver
  • Execute the driver installation, follow the on-screen instructions
  • USB DAC shall be detected and driver installation will proceed automatically
  • Select USB DAC as output source (vary depending on the software used, i.e. Roon, JRiver, JPlay, Foobar etc)
  • Play your favorite music, and, Enjoy the music!​

Factory Burn-In

All DENAFRIPS DACs are factory burn-in for at least 100 hours with comprehensive Audio Precision Tests, QAQC tests performed prior packing & shipment.

36 Months Warranty, Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage: All DENAFRIPS products purchased from the Authorized Distributor are covered under this policy. Warranty covers non-man-made defects. Customer shall bear the import duties and taxes whenever applicable. 30 Days: DENAFRIPS to bear both way shipping fee. 31-365 Days: Customer to bear one way shipping fee. DENAFRIPS to repair and cover return shipping fee. 366-1095 Days: Customer to bear both way shipping fee. DENAFRIPS to repair at free labor and parts at no cost. 1096 Days Onwards: Customer to bear both way shipping cost. DENAFRIPS to provide repair and/or maintenance services at cost.

Transferable Warranty

Warranty of DENAFRIPS DAC purchased from the Authorized Distributor is transferable. Please email to notify us the new owner of your pre-loved DAC.

i2s Pin Configuration

(Apply for DSP board shipped after September'17) DENAFRIPS DAC when selected with i2s input source, the "Mode" button function to configure to i2s pinout. Press the "Mode" button momentarily, the 1x, 2x, 4x LED changes in a fix pattern in 2s binary, i.e. 000 - 111, where 000 denote 1x, 2x, 4x LED off, 111 denote 1x, 2x, 4x LED on. Customers who use PSAudio transport need to configure the i2s mode to "100", i.e. 1x LED on, 2x and 4x LED off. i2s has no industry standard. Customer who choose the use i2s has to configure the pinout correctly to get the right sound. A good way to check the sound correctness is to compare the output of SPDIF and i2s of the same transport.

USB Cable

DENAFRIPS DAC USB module is powered by its internal regulated, low noise, low ripple, high speed linear power supply. However, it needs the USB cable to supply the +5vdc as a logic signal to trigger the internal power supply to the USB module. This design is intentional for best sound quality consideration.

MAC OS Setup

A quick setup guide is published here:

DSP Upgrade Guide

Windows OS Setup

A quick setup guide is published here:

Product Manuals, USB Drivers


User Manual

USB Driver


User Manual


User Manual


User Manual


User Manual

USB Driver (For Windows PC)

USB Driver


User Manual

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