I love this DAC!

Hi Alvin, I am listening to the Denefrips Ares II at this very moment. I wish you could be here to hear this. I love this DAC! It has a very clean, open sound with a deep soundstage. The music appears to be coming from behind the speakers. It’s smooth with no upper register harshness. It’s difficult to describe, but believe me, this is the best my digital playback has ever sounded. If I lived in Singapore or China I would be banging on Vinshine’s or Denefrips’ door for a job. This makes me wonder what the Terminator would do in this system. So far I prefer the OS mode with the slow (less steep) filter. I’m listening to Procol Harum’s A Salty Dog album. Pictures of my home theater follow. I s

Who Are We? DENAFRIPS explained.

DENAFRIPS was incorporated in 2012, located in a beautiful city Guangzhou, China - where many other high-end audio manufacturing are located. We are the designer (own the design rights), and the manufacturer of all the products in-house, in a 15,000 square foot facility in Panyu, Guangzhou. We focused in developing high-end audio equipment at a very competitive price. We do not believe in high-end equipment necessarily associated with a high price tag. Throughout the years, we have accumulated solid customer base and proved ourselves. The product speak for itself - proven by the large number of positive owners' feedback and professional reviews all over the world. Our team has grown from jus

World Premiere: AVATAR CDT Debut

Enjoy the unboxing video by Mike! Credit: Mike Christ e.K. DENAFRIPS GERMANY PARTNER HEADquarter Audio ® www.headquarteraudio.de

Terminator has elevated my listening enjoyment to another level.

Since 2017, I've been on an equipment merry go round, not keeping anything more than a few months. As the buying and selling process became more daunting, I decided to make more thoughtful changes. During that time, I've owned DAC's from Lumin, PS Audio, McIntosh, Mytek, to name a few. Each one was great in its own right; however, the Terminator has elevated my listening enjoyment to another level. The clarity, detail, and separation between instruments are spectacular. The Terminator was the last change, and it's not going anywhere! Credit: Jim K. (Owner of Terminator DAC) WHERE TO BUY: https://www.vinshineaudio.com/shop

I THINK I have reached audio HEAVEN with my system.

WOW Blew my socks off. I AM A VERY HAPPY TERMINATOR owner. The wait was well worth it. I do all my listening Through a WOO- WA5-LE Headphone Amp with HIFIMAN HE1000V2 phones. The Terminator is a peace of Art. I THINK I have reached audio HEAVEN with my system. HOW much BETTER can i GET? Tell everybody THANKS for Delivering a Fantastic Product. Credit: BARRY L. (Owner of Terminator DAC) WHERE TO BUY? https://www.vinshineaudio.com/shop

First impression of the new Pontus DAC

https://youtu.be/cEENja1LfKI https://youtu.be/40cLtU5_VsY Here is my first impression of the new Pontus: - I congratulate Denafrips on a new class of music playback! - A significantly better musical flow from the first note (maybe someone assembled the device for me with love :) - an open midrange, as I have never heard from a new devices direct from factory - Fall in love with details, but always in context, musically - it is a sound image that gives intimacy, as if you are hanging on the lips of the artist - even old discs get an energy, that is just incredible, you can hear old CDs and recordings again - incredibly realistic spatial image with extreme micro-information, very fast sound st

At the price of the Ares ii, it’s quite an accomplished and refined product!

My main audio system consists of an Audiomat Opera sitting on a maple butchers block driving Martin Logan Montis speakers. My source is a Transrotor Fat Bob S with a custom made mat (copper/carbon machined to fit in place of the original mat), an Origin Live Conqueror Mk3 tonearm with a Miyajima Labs Saboten L stereo cartridge. The phono preamplifier is a Tom Evans Groove MK ii. Both the table and phono preamp sit on custom wall racks with double Birch shelves. The turntable also sits on a Symposium Ultra platform. I have had the Ares ii for almost one whole year. I was lucky enough to receive one of the first Ares ii but with the original face plate. I purchased it as I also wanted to

They all have benefited from the addition of the Pontus DAC

I’ve been playing this game since around 1975. The Klipschorns which have been the one constant are from around that era and have updated crossovers from around 2005 or so. The little Miniwatt amp is an outstanding piece of equipment and I urge anyone with high efficiency speakers to try and find one to listen to. The larger amp, the Troubadour, was made by a gentleman in Melbourne, Australia. He even winds the transformers himself and makes the amp from the ground up. I used to think it was a bit light in the lower registers but not anymore. All cables are low to mid-range. Nothing fancy. The power conditioner was a worthwhile purchase after a power spike and does (to my ears) improve the s

PONTUS DAC: It is an astounding value

What I am about to describe is with a burn-in of approximately 60 hours after the DSP upgrade. Some of what I am describing, I could hear from the beginning. Other things have become more noticeable with burn-in. As prior to this upgrade, I prefer the OS on with the slow filter engaged. Overall, I would not consider this upgrade to be a dramatic change but rather one of significant refinement of the pre-DSP upgrade sound. The thing I first notice is improvement within the soundstage. Voices and instruments take on more body, have a greater solidity. The soundstage does not appear larger than before but has more detail within that space. The highs appear to be smoother than before. I think it

Denafrips Venus performs amazingly for my taste

Hello Alvin, thank you so much for following up and making sure that the Venus arrive a bit earlier than anticipated. I am enjoying the new DAC very much, below I am sharing my initial impressions after a couple of weeks of listening to my favorite music on it. I added some of the tracks for reference, mostly CD quality(from FLAC) and Tidal might have played some MQA versions but I didn’t pay attention to HiRes at all, although I saw the LED switching from 44.1k to 48k from time to time. The Venus makes the soundstage to be bigger and taller than the Schiit Gungnir that I tried previously, placing the instrument's sounds at least 2 feet beyond speakers location with some recordings, this fea

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