Music sounds really alive!

Dear Alvin, The Terminator-Plus sounds absolutely amazing :) Some of my initial impressions - everything in the sound I had before became better, the detail, the soundstage, lower noise floor. I'm hearing amazing level of detail that I never heard before with my Hifiman Susvara headphones, and I'm rediscovering my favorite music. The sound is more 3d, it feels like the sounds have a 3d shape in space. The soundstage is much bigger, music sounds larger on a bigger scale and bigger space. Instruments sound absolutely real, like people next to me are playing the instruments. Music sounds really alive. The Terminator-Plus took my headphones to a new level of performance. It's very inaccurate b

Ares II adds to the illusion of being there

Hi Alvin, I’ve been listening to the Ares II for 25 days and streamed music through it for roughly 300 hours to get it completely run-in. I’ve been listening to both PCM and DSD. I’ve tried both NOS and OS with PCM. I’m using Roon and it’s DSP to upsample to DSD512 currently which I prefer up to this point. I listen to both locally stored music and stream Tidal. I will add that I am running a fairly simple ethernet front end with audiophile switches and a MicroRendu. With my previous DAC, I’ve also upsampled to DSD but preferred DSD256 as 512 sounded a bit to sterile and lacked texture and weight. This is not true with the Ares. PCM sounds very good and do prefer OS especially after

Cymbals in jazz music sound as they are made of metal, very realistic indeed.

I want to give my impressions about the Denafrips Ares 2 that I paid 1058 Canadian dollars taxes and transportation included. The Canadian duty fees were of 52,07$ so it’s fine as a global price. The packaging was appropriate and the unit was in perfect shape upon reception. The Ares 2 is surprisingly heavy considering it’s size. I have a Moon 300D version 1 and the Denafrips is at least as heavy as the Moon. From the start the sound from this DAC was very good but after 2 days, it’s already better than the Moon which is an excellent machine by the way. The Denafrips has more weight in the bass, more solidity and an excellent definition. The sound stage gets more expansion in the lateral

Terminator-Plus brings another level of refinement

Hello guys, We are pleased to share the owner's feedback of the GAIA and the Terminator-Plus. John is our first customer who owns the Terminator, GAIA and the Terminator-Plus. When John received the Terminator-Plus, he said: "I'm thoroughly impressed by the Terminator Plus. Within a couple of hours, it's already surpassed the regular Terminator. The tonal balance is better, no perceptible grain in the treble. The latest DSP board helped quite a bit with that on the Terminator, but this is at a whole new level of smoothness. I'm sure there's some more to come as it continues to run in. I'm looking forward to the Gaia being added to it, and I've already received some clock cables and a high en

Windows USB Driver v4.86.0

Hello guys, We would like to inform you that the new version Thesycon 4.86 of Windows USBAudio Driver is available. NEW: - Support for Windows 10 version 2004 - Various improvements and bug fixes The history file with changes can be downloaded at: Please download it here: link Many thanks. DENAFRIPS TEAM

It sounds much more alive and "out in the room"

Hi Alvin - I have had a lot of stereo equipment over the years. The previous amp here was a good Class D, and the one before that was parallel single-ended 300B tubes. The Class D was clear but lacked soul, and the single-ended tubes were just not a good match with these speakers (they aren’t high efficiency speakers). The previous preamp was a good analog preamp, but it was also that manufacturer’s lower-priced built-in DAC, ok but nothing special. We’re talking replacing good performance with better performance here, and Hyperion and Hestia are sounding very good in this space. I’m not good at audio reviewer words, so I will just say that Srajan at 6Moons put Denafrips on the map for me

What makes the music so real?

Hi Alvin, My system consists of MagnaHifi Mano Ultra streamer-> I2S Terminator DAC, Elekit TU8800 and Klipsch Forte iii, KGST amp and Stax L700, Bottlehead Crack-a-two-a and Sennheiser HD800. The Terminator arrived 2 weeks ago and it is getting better and better. It is a step up my previous DAC. Low frequencies go very low, they are articulate not boomy at all and the highs are very delicate, soft but very detailed. Quite stunning to get so much details with so soft highs, like in a concert after all. What makes the music so real are the absolutely great dynamics and I am very sensitive to the dynamics because I think it is often the difference between live and recorded music. No need to say

The music was just more "enjoyable"

Hi Audiogon. Been a member and benefited greatly for last 8 mos or so in building my first hifi system. I figured I'd share some of my recent trials and report on my impressions. Let me start by stating my current configuration. It's a digital system, comprised of: * Mac Mini (don't hate me :). I have found this with a good DAC to produce some very nice streaming, though admittedly I have not experienced a 1st rate streaming device yet to compare to) Mac Mini feeds into Denafrips Ares II DAC The DAC then feeds into a Paraound JC2BP preamp (have a lot to say about this, in another post perhaps) Poweramp is a Parasound A21+ (contrasting this with Emotiva HC1s may be another post) Mains are

ARES II DAC - Five Stars & Alpha-Audio Approved Award

"After careful consideration we have decided to award the Denafrips Ares II five stars and our Alpha Approved label! Congratulations!" Pros Excellent sound Balanced output Versatility Price Cons Changing filters is cumbersome (DENAFRIPS: Video guide to change filters -> here) No remote control "We put on a couple of reference tracks and start our listening session. The first thing we notice is the wider stereo image via the Denafrips Ares II. The soundstage is enormous via this little dac. The Benchmark is rather average in that regard. A second clear difference is that there is some extra low-end audible through the Ares II compared to the very linear Benchmark. Important to know when you b

ARES II DAC - Closest to analog listening

Hello, Alvin. Here is my feeling listening to this wonderful and talented DAC Denafrips Ares II, on my modest audio system. Please again receive all my gratitude for the quality of our exchanges and the perfect service. Warmest regards, Jean-Louis. The DAC Denafrips Ares II should have 2 weeks of use now. It is powered with a Pangea AC14SE power cable, is placed on 4 feet of Pangea sorbothane and the modulation cable between the DAC and the Elekit TU-8200DX amp is a Van Den Hul "the first Ultimate", which has the particularity of containing no metal but only carbon fibers. The USB input of the DAC is not used in my listening. A USB Matrix X-SPDIF 2 interface with a good linear power supply

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