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Wow is all I can say • Iris + Terminator-Plus

Yes, the Terminator-Plus is delivered. I set it up Tuesday evening and am burning it in. The Iris came last week and I plugged it in to the Terminator. Initially it was awful but gradually improved but was not as good as the USB from the Innuos Statement.

When I tried to use it (Iris) with the Terminator-Plus it made an awful screeching sound. I realized the I2S was set up for my W4S Music server. I set it to the PS standard 100 last night.

Wow is all I can say.

I think the reason the Terminator did not sound great was I did not have the I2S setting right. The Terminator is in a box now and at my office so I am not likely to bring it home and re listen.

I have the clock cables on order and expect another boost when they are burned in.

The sound stage is now enormous and eerily quiet and detailed.

I don’t know how much is the Iris thru the I2S vs the Terminator-Plus. I will A/B the Statement via USB to the Terminator-Plus vs the Statement via USB to the Iris after it breaks in for at least 1 week burn in. Initially the Iris is bettering the USB but the USB input has not been burned in yet and the I2S has been on for a week.

I have no regrets moving up to the Terminator-Plus and adding the Iris. I was wondering last night why you don’t incorporate the Iris directly to the USB input inside the Terminator-Plus and save the issues with powering the Iris, clock and I2S cabling. I can only imagine the added benefits.

Credit: Steve W. Happy owner of Terminator, Terminator-Plus DAC and Iris DDC

Manufacturer Comments:

The IRIS DDC has to be an external device due to the limited space in the DAC.




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