The pianos are fantastic!

The Venus II replaced a Schiit Modi 2 in my system. After about 300 hours of burning-in, it started to shine. I mostly listen to classical music, and the pianos, the pianos are fantastic! Soundstage and holographic are incredibly achieved through the LRS. I think Alvin does not sleep in Singapore: his attention and availability are 24/7 and of the highest quality! Shipment to Brazil was flawless. System: NUC / Tidal / Roon Server ---> Venus II ---> Schiit Vidar (XLR) ---> Magnepan LRS WHERE TO BUY?

The hype is real.

Here goes... Ares II: Simply Amazing.. At last i finally got my curiosity answered after receiving my Denafrips Ares II. First of all I would like to qualify that I am not in anyway a PRO audiophile who would try to describe my experience with Ares II using audiophile terms. Simply said... I am more than happy & very satisfied with my moneys worth purchasing this unit. The design is simple straight forward classic old school looking design & built like a tank. But most importantly, delivers a phenomenal "lifelike" audio performance. Music delivery is filled with emotion relaxing & enjoyable. Never did any unit I used before leave me smile this way while listening except for Ares II Never tho

It sounds wonderful and surpasses my expectations in every way.

Hello Alvin, Just wanted to say “Thank You” for the great service. My ARES II arrived a few days ago in perfect condition and I’ve been listening to it day and night. It sounds wonderful and surpasses my expectations in every way. It replaces a MYTEK Liberty DAC which I thought sounded great until I heard the ARES. So much more detail and emotion to the sound now. I am listening to many of my favorite CDs like hearing them for the first time. Wonderful product sir. Thank you. System is Audiolab 6000CDT transport feeding ARES II via coax input then balanced cables from ARES to Hegel H160 integrated amplifier. Speakers are KEF R7 with REL T7i subwoofers. All cables and interconnects are

The Ares II gets the best out of my amplifier and speakers.

For years I have been used to my set up of Tannoy speakers and Naim amplifier but since the Ares II arrived, I discover new qualities. After seeing some reviews on the web and not fully satisfied by my previous DAC, I got curious. After some very rapidly answered emails I decided to take the leap and order the Ares II. The delivery was quick and correct. Installation of the Windows drivers was flawless although I had to get used that the driver does not appear when the Ares is switched to another input. The sound: immediately I heard more details and the soundstage got more depth and layers. Instruments were well placed and sounded independent. The final test came when I listened to a compli

Ares has upgraded my system to the next level!

I have never done an audio review except to judge my own system in my mind. This is my first write up, and with Ares in my system is a fantastic upgrade and hence I thought let me try. Also the upgrade is from Modi to Ares which is an in-correct comparison (Why Schiit-Modi : because I was frustrated and wanted to cool down a bit, spend less now before I decide on a good DAC). I had Devialet a long time ago and I don’t remember for comparison, however I liked it at that time. One of my Friend on Roon Community had already used high end top brand DACs (Can't use names without permission) and he loved them too but the latest ones with top model from few more companies were also used however aft

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