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  • Rudie V.

The Ares II gets the best out of my amplifier and speakers.

For years I have been used to my set up of Tannoy speakers and Naim amplifier but since the Ares II arrived, I discover new qualities.

After seeing some reviews on the web and not fully satisfied by my previous DAC, I got curious. After some very rapidly answered emails I decided to take the leap and order the Ares II. The delivery was quick and correct.

Installation of the Windows drivers was flawless although I had to get used that the driver does not appear when the Ares is switched to another input.

The sound: immediately I heard more details and the soundstage got more depth and layers. Instruments were well placed and sounded independent. The final test came when I listened to a complicated choir piece by three groups differently placed in the hall. I know this piece so well, so I was in shock that now I was able to recognise the actual words they were singing and the location of the groups was almost visual.

With previous DACs I always had the impression the Tannoys were lacking some sparkle in the higher register but with the Ares II that is not longer the case. The Ares II gets the best out of my amplifier and speakers.

I am very happy with my purchase and can recommend the Ares II to anyone who wants the best DAC in this price range.

Credit: Rudie V.


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