Choose between resolution and musicality?

There is something so wonderful in knowing that my search for component improvement can end with the Denafrips Terminator. I thought I would have to choose between resolution and musicality — with the Terminator, I get to have BOTH. The music is full-bodied and rich; the tone and musicality are wonderful. And the resolution is astounding. I hear a deep bass and power in music that didn’t come through with my other DACs. I listen to a massive variety of music — film scores, classical, acoustic, electronic, jazz, rock, world music — and everything sounds RIGHT. The Terminator sounds incredible. All of the glowing reviews and commentary are completely justified. In fact, the DAC is SO good

Westdeutsche Hifi-Tage Bonn 2019 Aufbautag mit HEADquarter Audio

Photo of Mike Christ from HEADQUARTERaudio Fairaudio Impression: "There was also something good to the ears at Mike Christ from HEADQUARTERaudio ( The high quality processed open-baffle speaker Qunique RS offers the relatively young manufacturer from Bergisch Gladbach from 8,900 euros as a kit. A ready-built pair is about 2,000 euros above. There are three cone drivers and a high tone horn on a baffle that opens to the rear. The crossover was logically outsourced and found in a humidor (!) Place. Not just a funny idea, as Christ assured, but also a sonically superior solution. The rest of the chain consisted of the CD drive Jays Audio CDT 2 Mk.2, Denafrip's R2R D / A

Badass, underrated HiFi.

The Denafrips Hestia and Hyperion review! Badass, underrated HiFi. Watch it on YouTube: Review by: Zero Fidelity Yours Sincerely, DENAFRIPS TEAM WHERE TO BUY?

When Just Any DAC Won’t Do

My new DENAFRIPS Terminator is the best sounding, most capable DAC I have ever heard in my audio system, which exists for one sole purpose: to accurately and faithfully reproduce the recorded sound of pipe organs. Allow me to explain. I use a very sophisticated computer program called Hauptwerk, which stores and manages high definition digital sound samples of pipe organs from around the world. Each organ sample set contains stereo digital recordings (typically 24-bit 48 kHz) of each and every pipe of that organ, together with the mechanical sounds of the organ and the reverberation of the cathedral or hall in which the organ resides. Using Hauptwerk, a MIDI-equipped organ console and a comp

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