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Westdeutsche Hifi-Tage Bonn 2019 Aufbautag mit HEADquarter Audio

Photo of Mike Christ from HEADQUARTERaudio

Fairaudio Impression:

"There was also something good to the ears at Mike Christ from HEADQUARTERaudio ( The high quality processed open-baffle speaker Qunique RS offers the relatively young manufacturer from Bergisch Gladbach from 8,900 euros as a kit. A ready-built pair is about 2,000 euros above. There are three cone drivers and a high tone horn on a baffle that opens to the rear. The crossover was logically outsourced and found in a humidor (!) Place. Not just a funny idea, as Christ assured, but also a sonically superior solution.

The rest of the chain consisted of the CD drive Jays Audio CDT 2 Mk.2, Denafrip's R2R D / A converter Terminator and the amplifier EX-M1 of Kinki Studio. All relatively cheap Chinese brands, but the sound and manufacturing technology mark a level that you would not have imagined ten years ago. In short: the system impressed with natural, unobtrusive performance. And why four fifteen-inchers are bass-dynamically capable in case of need, is easy to imagine."

Watch it on YouTube:

HEADquarter Audio Mike Christ eK Hasselsheiderweg 39 51429 Bergisch Gladbach

Tel .: 02207 8470914 E-Mail:

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