ARES Review @ Soundnews 92/100

Conclusion Build quality wise there is nothing to complain about, it is sturdy as a tank and built to last. Maybe a silver anodized color option should also be offered in the future. I did enjoy my time with Denafrips Ares as it shown me the darker side of the moon. Not all digital sources are sounding the same, some are literally on the opposite side of things. If you can’t stand harsh and edgy sounding audio sources you got to try a R-2R ladder DAC. Love your LPs and hate your CDs? I hear you loud and clear and I think this one might change your opinion on digital sources. Denafrips Ares can be purchased only from ** **at about $670 or €600, and if you do, please say H

DSP Upgrade @ Pennsylvania

Gentlemen, I took considerable time to listen to music and A/B the new and previous Terminator boards. All I can say is that you outdid yourselves. The underlying design is so sophisticated. This update extols even more virtues. Very well done and thank you! More natural, more space, more macro and micro dynamics, more tonality, more colors, more detail, while non-fatiguing. Aural pleasures abound! Read Geralds original Terminator review here: Credit: Gerald Terfloth


Absolutely, out of the box it out performed my PS Audio Direct Stream. Sound stage is more precise in terms of Height, width and depth very impressive. Bass is tight with proper pitch and tone. It’s ability to extract all the nuances of the venue and the emotion of the music is amazing, It has exceeded my expectations in every way. Bravo Denafrips. Very Respectfully, Nelson Credit: Nelson

Realsization Award

Given the success of this very easy upgrade, fretting over how changed code inside a digital controller could possibly make it so becomes an academic trifle. It's Rhett Butler all over again. "Where shall I go for the answers?" "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." As you can see, the Terminator has just become a new classic; again. Here's a terrific final song by The Sweeplings to celebrate that. Review: Credit: 6moons Editor, Srajan Ebaen

Product Launch: ARES II

Hello guys, We're happy to announce the tiny mighty ARES was upgraded to ARES II. The DSP portion of the ARES II shared much similarity to the Terminator DSP board launched recently, of which received high-praises all over the world! Key Highlights: Digital Signal Processing via FPGA instead of CPLD DSD1024, PCM1536 Supports On USB Input Proprietary USB Audio Solution via STM32F446 Advanced AMR Based MCU Licensed Thesycon USB Driver For Windows Platform Driver-less On Mac & Linux Sampling Mode: NOS / OS Filter Selection: Slow / Sharp Massive O-Core transformer, over 70pcs of capacitors farm Six (6) sets of Linear Technology LDO Voltage Regulators True Balanced, 0.01% Precision Matched Resist

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