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ARES Review @ Soundnews 92/100


Build quality wise there is nothing to complain about, it is sturdy as a tank and built to last. Maybe a silver anodized color option should also be offered in the future.

I did enjoy my time with Denafrips Ares as it shown me the darker side of the moon. Not all digital sources are sounding the same, some are literally on the opposite side of things. If you can’t stand harsh and edgy sounding audio sources you got to try a R-2R ladder DAC.

Love your LPs and hate your CDs? I hear you loud and clear and I think this one might change your opinion on digital sources.

Denafrips Ares can be purchased only from ** **at about $670 or €600, and if you do, please say Hi to Alvin from me.


  • Sturdy build quality with the simplest design

  • Wide selection of digital inputs, has a truly balanced output as well

  • Short signal path with no volume control leads to a high transparency

  • Sounds natural, has great liquidity with an amazing tonal balance

  • Layered, open wide and deep sounding performance

  • Precise pin-point imaging

  • Among the most enveloping and relaxing sound performance I experienced of late

  • A silent and black background

  • Punches way above its price point


  • Not the most detailed sound

  • Not the fastest or punchiest sound

Watch it on YouTube!

Reviewer: Sandu Vitalie

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