Hestia & Hyperion + Tekton/Spatial Audio

Thanks to Alvin, I have the Denafrips Hestia-Hyperion combo on loan for a month side by side with my modest reference Pass Labs HPA1-XA25 combo. I will just share some of my own impression. Using the Hestia as pre-amp, comparing Hyperion (XLR) vs XA25 (RCA), I found both XA25 and Hyperion are warm sounding and quite opposite to Kinki EX1M amp. The details and transparency are on par with slight edge to the XA25. I like that the Hyperion has more power, not that my 96db rated speakers (Spatial Audio M3 Triode Master and Tekton Encore) needed the extra wattage to get deafeningly loud. I used Luxman AS55 switch to connect the amps to my speakers for fast AB comparison. Preamp comparison is made

Terminator Unboxing @ HEADquarter AUDIO

Hello guys, Happy to announce that HEADquarter AUDIO is our appointed partner in Germany. The owner Mike Christ is a true music lover who has 35 years (!) experience in the Audio Industry. He's showing off our flagship Terminator DAC with his new creation HEADquarter Audio Qunique RS Open Baffle Loudspeaker (8900 € + shipping). Enjoy the videos! Watch it on Youtube Watch it on Youtube Watch it on Youtube Associated equipment Source: Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2 DAC: DENAFRIPS Terminator DAC Amplifier: Kinki Studio EX-M1 Loudspeaker: HEADquarter Audio Qunique RS Open Baffle Contact HEADquarter Audio ® Hasselsheiderweg 39 51429 Bergisch Gladbach Tel.: 02207 84 70 914 info@headquarteraudio.de www.headq

Hestia & Hyperion Review

This is my first review of the Hestia & Hyperion! These devices stayed in Sochi for several days, a total of 6 people heard them (photos above), listening in two systems - in my Single Ended type 45 triode system & full-range 10" paper-cone speakers at 8 ohm, and solid-state one (Cyrrus amps) and Dynaudio 25 monitors at 4 ohm. In general (I will say this) my words will express the collective opinion of our Sochi local audiophile community. Design Here everything is expected at a high level. It's almost no flaw. Reliable packaging with extra corner protection. The all-metal casing is black, also available in Silver. Looks and weights solid. The blue LED indication is dim and does not hurt the

AUDIOBACON Best In Class Award

Final Thoughts The Denafrips Terminator is all about musical essence. It is the most transparent and most detailed sounding DAC I’ve heard so far. It’s able to reveal every subtlety in a recording – and does this better than the pricier DACs. These were the recurring themes: Energetic, vivid, fun, and alive. Incredible outlining and delineation of everything. Supremely holographic. Spacious in all directions. Intelligible lyrics. Velvety smooth, precise, and solid imaging. No signs of grain or digital hash. Gradations and melodic continuum, even in the vibrancy. Never congested or convoluted – even with the most complicated passages. Technicals covered – composed weight, resolution, delicacy

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