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My digital sources have reached the same level of quality i enjoy with my analog sources

Hello Alvin,

I am so happy having completed my digital setup with Denafrips Hermes sending all digital signals via I2S to Pontus II.

To make a long story short I bought my very first hifi system back in 1974. I have enjoyed many brands and technologies (sometimes very tricky) before settling for this triodes and high-efficiency speakers setup.

The whole system reveals a lot of details and micro dynamics. So I was never satisfied with my previous DACs (I tried too many). First I tested the sound and spirit of Denafrips with an Ares 2 . Shocking !!! That little box was definitely better than my existing DAC which costed 5 times more!

After a year or so with Ares 2 I decided to go further. And guess what? I was right !

With this new Denafrips Hermes/ Pontus II combo my digital sources have reached the same level of quality i enjoy with my analog sources.

Right now I am enjoying an old Brahms trio recording (Istomin/ Stern / Rose). I have always loved this old vinyl and now can fully experience the same pleasure with data streaming.

I know I could go further with those digital sources but as I am already fully satisfied, I shall rather concentrate on my future next generation of preamp / amp / speakers.

( May be it’s time considering Denafrips).

Thanks again Alvin for your support. Your videos and your tutorials are really helpful.

Please congratulate the design, production and logistics teams at Denafrips for their good job.

Credit: Jean-Michel @ France





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