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I²S has no industry standard. If you would like to use the I²S connection, the I²S pinout matching with the source (DDC/Transport/Streamer) has to be configured correctly. Mismatch of I²S pinout may result in static/noise output. The excessive noise output level may damage the loudspeakers/headphone drivers.

Suggestion of I²S matching of the Transport & DAC

1. Connect the I²S cable (good quality HDMI cable <3ft/1m)
2. Turn down the volume (audible, minimal)
3. Play a familiar music (PCM first, followed by DSD)
4. Run through the I²S setting of the DAC, 000-111
5. One of the modes should match with the source for both PCM and DSD playback.

It's recommended to go through the Audio Tone Test to make sure the L/R channel, in phase/out of phase correctness.


Please note that the RJ45/HDMI ports of DENAFRIPS DAC are not typical network/multimedia RJ45/HDMI ports. They are purpose-built I²S ports. Please do not connect it to the typical multimedia HDMI port (i.e. Bluray player/TV etc) / Ethernet network.

Need help?

Please reach out to us at . We are happy to assist you.

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