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Arce Streamer: It now sounds close to my turntable setup

I have now been listening to my new Arce streamer for a couple of weeks. The first impression straight out of the box was that this was very different from what I was used to. The soundstage was significantly darker and more closed than my Ifi Zen Steam and I thought that maybe this was not a good match in my setup. But fortunately, the soundscape changed a lot during the first couple of days. I left the unit on around the clock and the soundscape opened up, and the bass became tighter and more defined. It now sounds close to my turntable setup.

Analogue, detailed, warm and airy with a large and wide soundstage. The bass is punchy and deep.

I haven't heard that many different streamers, so I have a limited basis for comparison. But I have heard and tried Eversolo DMP A6 and Ifi Zen Stream. Considering the price, the zen streamer is a very good buy, but in my opinion it is not in the same class as Arce and Eversolo.

Both are very good, but sonically they are quite different.

The Eversolo is brighter and perhaps a bit more detail-oriented and "in your face". Arce is much more analogue and warm in sound without compromising on either detail or dynamics. In my setup, I'm glad I chose Arce, but like everything else in hifi, matching is crucial for the final result. I am very happy with my Arce streamer. I love the sound and the build quality of this unit!

Looking forward, I hope for: 1. A final fix of the USB output that eliminates the last remnants of stuttering/glitches once and for all. (No glitches on my unit after the latest update, but still an issue for some I hear). 2. Firmware updates ala what we have received for Denafrips dac's.

(Alvin: Firmrware update is available here

My Setup:

Nuc with Roon Rock > Arce > I2s > Pontus II > Conrad Johnson PV12 > Martin Logan electronic crossover > Quicksilver Audio M-60 Mono blocks for the Martin Logan Monolith III panels & 2 x bel canto eVo2 for the Monolith's basses.

Vinyl setup: Modified Lenco (PPT) with SME IV tone-arm > ThorHauge Intersection Stepup > ThorHauge Intersection MM RIAA.

Kind Regards Geir O. @ Norway





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