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WOW! I mean WOW!


Yes I received the Pontus ii 12th Ed, on Wednesday and my new LUMIN U1 mini on Thursday. I promptly installed them into my system and WOW! I mean WOW! The improvement way striking.

I thought I had a decent system and felt my front end was pretty good, a headless MacMini with SSD feeding my Parasound P6 internal DAC with a Audioquest Carbon USB cable. The P6 feeds a Parasound A21 via Kimber Hero XLR the A21 feeds Martin Logan Motion 20’s bi-wired with Kimber TC12 and two stereo REL TX5 subs feed high level with Cardas cables.

Turns out I was not doing that system justice. Now the LUMIN is feeding the Pontus ii with Carbon USB and the Pontus is feeding the P6 via Hero XLR cables. It has brought out a musicality I have never heard from my system. It has breathed new life into my gear.

I’m still running the MacMini as the Roon Core, but now it’s remote and CAT5 goes to the LUMIN. I’m letting the LUMIN unfold the MQA but sending everything to Pontus with no up-sampling and letting Pontus take it from there. It works so seamlessly with the LUMIN.

Super wide Sound stage, detailed but not harsh, smooth, warm, so much depth in both rear and front of speakers now. I’m hearing notes decay, that never happened before.

It sounds like my Rega TT minus all the pops and clicks. I LOVE IT!!

Bravo to Alvin and the entire Denafrips team!


Greg @ Ohio, USA





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