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With the Terminator I get goosebumps

As you probably know I also have the Ares II, so was planning to do a A/B comparison between the two.

Well that was not necessary because when I connected the Terminator with in seconds I knew this way better than my beloved Ares II. So I skipped the A/B tests. (waste of time)

When I sent you my first email saying that i might have made a judgement mistake with initially ordering the Pontus, let me explain.

I was reasoning from the fact that the Terminator is more than twice the price of the Pontus, so how much better would the Terminator be at twice the price? Sure, if you just compare sonic differences the price difference would be hard to explain to my wife :-)

The key I think is the emotional involvement between the two devices.

In a head to head by HIFI headquarter in Germany, Mike explained both (Pontus and Terminator) sound very good but with the Terminator I get goosebumps.

This is priceless and easy justifies the price difference in my opinion hence I asked if it was possible to upgrade to the Terminator.

I am not disappointed when listening to recordings I know very well, there were tears across my face from just listening and being involved in the music.

  • Initially, I was thinking that the bass too much as a I have a bass happy amp and speakers.

  • But very quickly the bass refined and is just right.

  • I love the clarity and the natural sounding of the terminator, which helps a lot with listening to live performances and gives you the feeling being part of the performance and being there.

  • As a result I start moving my feet and tapping the floor to the rhythm with full enjoyment.

Thanks again from a very happy returning costumer.




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