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“Where is the DAC???”

It was for quite a while I had the Terminator DAC in my private set. Loved it a lot!

Around a year or more ago we asked Alvin if he’d like to work with us at shows and he gladly confirmed and provided us the Terminator Plus.

Well… we did four shows with the Plus and after every show I asked myself, “where was the DAC???”. Music playing for hours, any genre, any volume, files, streaming and also vinyl… and the question was still there, “Where is the DAC???”.

I asked myself how comes this question comes to mind again and again, and the answer is so simple. Sound-wise, this DAC simply disappeared; as if not there…

No sonic sign for it, while all sounded stunningly realistic, full body, with totally no coloration or sense of any sonic process whatsoever!

After three shows I couldn’t resist and purchased this stunning ‘Digital to Analog Music Machine’, and after Axpona (show No. 4) I finally brought it home. I listen to music here for few days now and just like at our shows, I can’t describe the DAC because it simply disappears while music coming from digital sources sounds real and enjoyable like never before with my system.

Thank you Alvin and Denafrips !!! You deserve all the thanks 🙏

Zeev @ PureAudioProject



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