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What the BIC500 does is remove noise.

Hi Alvin,

After a month of listening to the BIC500 EU i can say you have a great product!

The unit does no harm (many power products are sort of a compromise - you get something, but lose something else). No dynamic compression, no changes of the tone and no freguency limitation.

What the BIC500 does is remove noise. Music comes from a dark, silent background that gives you more information, detail, staging and flow in the music. Eventually it is a device that helps you connect emotinally to the music. It is not a cold presentation of detail and resolution.

Some hints to future users:

- Give it some time, do not judge quickly. 3 weeks at least.

- Power cables you use, impact the sound. The better cables you use, the better the outcome gets. Spend some time to experiment and find the perfect combination for your system.

- Adding audiophile feet might improve the sound.

- Test it on a turntable! I tested it in my other system by conneting the turntable and phono stage. The effect was amazing. Like adding melted butter to a steak. Smooth, juicy and flowing presentation.

We keep in touch.


Filip @ Macedonia





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