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Very obvious uplift in sound quality!

I have to say, I am very impressed at the improvement it brought. I was previously running my Roon Nucleus Plus into my Chord Qutest DAC via USB. Now, Roon Nucleus into IRIS DDC and then into my Qutest.

Power: Topaz 31 series Ultra Isolation Transformer 2.5kVa -> Furman Elite 20 PFi power conditioner -> Shanti LPS for Chord Qutest DAC and R-Core LPS for Roon Nucleus+

Signal: Roon Nucleus+ (Local SSD and Qobuz) -> USB Supra Cable into -> Denafrips IRIS DDC -> Wireworld Platinum Starlight 8 Coaxial SPDIF into -> Chord Qutest DAC.

Amplification: Line Magnetic LM512CA dual mono preamp with all NOS, tightly matched tubes -> XLR -> Line Magnetic LM503PA 845 SET monoblocks with all NOS tubes except the 845's (LinLai Western Electric WE845's) and the 300B drivers (TJ Full Music 300B/n mesh plates). 24 watts of pure SET goodness.

Various acoustic treatments and mood lights for fun.

Very obvious uplift in sound quality! I'm very pleased so far!

-Collin @ USA



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