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Venus is definitely more detailed and still 'easier' to listen

Yes, I am very happy with your customer service, and once Covid issues have settled I would be more than happy to come to your office and have a look and listen to your other products. A picture of my current setup please see attached. Currently I am using:

  • Lindemann Limetree Bridge (streaming bridge)

  • Apple Superdrive (audiophile CD transport ;-) )

  • Denafrips Venus II (DAC)

  • SPL Director mk2 (preamp)

  • SPL M 1000 (Poweramp mono blocks)

  • German Physiks HRS 130 (omnidirectional speaker)

Before the Limetree Bridge/Venus II I was using the Lindemann Musicbook Source with built-in DAC based on 2 AKM chips in mono mode.

Now with about 100 hours of playing the Venus is definitely more detailed and still 'easier' to listen to as compared to the built in DAC in the Musicbook Source. Based on my less then optimal room setup with right (big windows) and left side (open to dining) not balanced, speaker and listening positions way too close to the walls, limited room treatment I can't really comment on soundstage (it has some improvement). For that I would have to buy a bigger apartment first (don't think I would get approval for that)

Credit: Roland @ Singapore



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