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Venus II has been the single biggest upgrade I have done to my system

Only took 53hrs on the Venus II to pack up my Brooklyn Dac+ for resell!

Ok it’s been 10 days and I can honestly say that the Venus II has been the single biggest upgrade I have done to my system since its inception several years ago. Huge soundstage with a well balanced sound. It’s like when you get your coffee the perfect color that you like.

Here’s how I use the Venus II currently

Dedicated PC with upgraded PS and 2 terabyte SSD HD with Jplay USB card powered by uptone audio lps 1.2 - curious USB cable to SOTM thx-ultra USB - curious USB cable out of SOTM to a Singxer su-6 - from su-6 via AES To Venus (have hdmi cable on order) - balanced out of Venus to Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE preamp level II - this preamp has 2 sets of balanced outs that I run to 2 Wyred 4 sound ST -1000 MKII’s amp’s - each amp drives a B&W 803d - vertical bi-amp.

The Singxer and SOTM are powered by an uptone audio j2 lps and I do run unbalanced out of Venus to a ifi pro ican - currently have Hifiman he-500 and the drop hd6xx headphones. All interconnects are Shunyata Research. Don’t think I missed anything - a lot of moving parts.

Might be in the market for the GAIA next spring.

Also just wanted to thank you for your open communication through out this process. You made me feel I was the only person buying this DAC and future sales were dependent on my happiness.

Thank you again,


Alvin: You're most welcome, Tim. I appreciate your support. Enjoy the music with Venus II DAC!




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