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The Thallo has the Denafrips's beautiful sound.

I want to begin saying that I'm not an audiophile person of those that buy 100K systems, but I really like to hear good quality music and I invest on that what I can.

I'm using a Denon 8500 as a preamp. (I know, it's not an audiophile preamp, but I need it also for TV). I like Denon sound but it lacks presence and energy and it feels a bit cold. So I decided to try to add a Power amplifier to the Denon.

I tried super expensive amplifiers (7K and above) and it was nice but not the sound I liked - an analog and balanced sound like in the 80's.

Every time the sound was too bright or too colored.

I decided to try the Denafrips's Thallo.

It' s a much cheaper amplifier than the ones I tried before but I wanted to take the chance after I tried the Pontus DAC which is EXCELLENT!

I must say that on the beginning it wasn't as good as I supposed. The (Thallo) sound was dull and closed and I thought that I lost my money.

I felt very disappointed that Denafrips could do something bad after I know how good the Pontus was.

Alvin told me to wait for burning time and then analyze how it works.

I also changed the speakers's cables to Somercables speaker cable and let them burn too for many ours.

What can I say now... My dreams come true - BIG time!

The sound now is more open and balanced, not in a boring way but in the right amount.

The singers are clear, you can really feel them, and there are sounds that I've never heard in my system.

Yes, it's not a CLEAR amplifier, like class D, but it's relative open with good treble.

I use the Thallo with Paradigm 95F which are big speakers and I was afraid that the Thallo wont be enough, but now I feel the energy, the velvet sound, clear and so nice.

I can seat hours hearing music and enjoying each song.

What I like on the Thallo is that it doesn't add any color to the music. It wont add super bass, neither an extreme treble, it's just a super analog amplifier with dense, warm and organic sound.

There are people that like Class D amplifiers or other with extreme details and treble. The treble on the Thallo is not a Class D treble, but there is enough detail and clarity.

The only reservation for me is that there are some songs that sound a bit closed and heavy but it depends on the recording.

This is not the most bright amplifier but is very realistic and fun to hear.

The Thallo has the Denafrips's beautiful sound.

It's incredible for me that after that I tested more than 5 different amplifiers from many respectable brands, for me, the Thallo is my choice.

Thinking of price versus performance, the Thallo wins many others.

I can add that the Thallo is HOT!

Alvin told me that its ok but you must take in consideration to have enough ventilation.

My advice for anyone who wants to upgrade his stereo equipment and ENJOY music, is to buy the Thallo and preferable with the Hestia preamp.

Please let it burn for 3 days, also have GOOD speaker's cables and let them burn too.

Enjoy music!

Credit: Ilan @ Israel





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