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The Terminator II is absolutely superb

I have it set up and warming. I've had it on all weekend with signal passing thru 24/7.

First impressions were a bit of a constrained, flat sound but the chassis was literally still cold from the shipping truck. I came back a day later and heard much more of what I expected.

I hear a kind of clean, only black quietness combined with layers and layers of detail. Bass is full and controlled with punch and authority. Human vocals are still emerging from the background and get stronger each day.

I don't have a completely settled audio chain quite yet. My preamp, an Aesthetix Janus, is at the factory getting a full Eclipse upgrade. That will compliment the existing Aesthetix Atlas apm nicely and I expect more transparency to emerge. That should happen at about the 10 day mark.

(2 months later...)

RoPieee + Allo DigiOne -> Terminator II -> Aesthetix Janus (Eclipse) -> Aesthetic Atlas (Signature) -> Vandersteen Model 5a

VPI Prime -> Janus phono pre -> the rest (above chain)

All single-ended using Silent Source Signature and Audio Quest Niagara power conditioning + AQ AC cables

The Terminator II is absolutely superb and I'm really enjoying it. Listening to digital sources has gone from "enjoyable" to "must listen to first every session". I need to put more time into setting u the analog source now as it sounds so much duller than digital, a first in my experience.

Credit: Ford D. @ US





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