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The sound flowing like water in a quiet river.

Hi Alvin. Woups! I forgot to talk about my sound system.

(See pictures).

All component are Linn exept for the CD transport who are Atoll DR200 and of course Denafrips P2 DAC. Linn Keleidh loudspeakers are driving by two dedicated amplifiers, one for high frequency's and the other for bass. There's an active crossover in each AMP. The preamp is a Linn Wakonda.The system are 22 year's old but in pristine condition.

The other DAC I own (who is plug in my second system) is the first generation of Rega. Very good dac built with a linear power supply. This is the one who is replaced by the Pontus2.

In my system the Pontus sound amazing! The sounstage is very opened,deep and large. But above all the thing who stunned me is the natural tune of music. All is easy to follow. I can feel the subtility of musician playing their instruments. The sound flowing like water in a quiet river. The P2 have the ability to make me forget the sound system. There only left thing is the music! I strongly recommend it. At this price point it's a real bargain! Sincerely!

Michel @ Canada

PS. I strongly recommend to use a good ac cable to feed the Pontus. I ordered one from a Canadian company call Optimum audio, the Gold series one. It bring the Pontus like if it work effortless and very define.



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