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The Poseidon from Denafrips are a very good solution for such situations.

Dear Alvin

After a week with the new Poseidon speakers, here's my feedback. Thanks again for the great service and ultra-fast delivery. The packaging was also absolutely top, safe and functional.

The design of the speaker will probably divide the minds. Today, a retro style is more in fashion, which I also like. But the Poseidon has something of its own, the design reminds me of the Chinese tradition of craftsmanship and I really like it and it is a counter design to the many other copies and standard designs.

As far as the sound is concerned, buying blind was a certain risk. However, I recently had such good experiences with the Kinki amplifier that I took the risk. And I am not disappointed. The sound is very balanced, almost neutral across the entire spectrum from bass to mids to treble. No particular emphasis, very musical with good breadth and depth, attention to detail and yet never leaving the whole thing out of sight.

I have several listening rooms and I found the Poseidon particularly suitable in a smaller guest room. The bass is present but never boosted, which is especially important in smaller rooms. The wide stereo image also fits perfectly.

For the time being, I'll stick with my Sonus Faber Minima Amator II for my music room. They are a sensational match for the Kinki amplifier and have a bit more warmth and sound a bit fuller, even though they are smaller than the Poseidon. It is the "tone“ of the Minima’s that fascinates me. But after I've played them in, I'll certainly use the Poseidon in the listening room again. I am curious to see how their sound will develop.

In general, I clearly prefer monitors for smaller rooms (< 20 m2). Larger floorstanding speakers were usually rather problematic. The Poseidon from Denafrips are a very good solution for such situations.

I find generally hi-fi devices from good manufacturers in China who develop themselves and with an open mind (for example, high-quality parts from other countries) and with own creativity very interesting. Just as I love domestic products (there are also a few smaller, good hi-fi manufacturers in Switzerland) or from other countries. The main thing is that it's fun and music remains a central theme ;)

Something else about Denafrips. The company seems very successful. It would be great to know a bit more about the people behind it. Personally, this is still important to me and maybe you can make a video or something about it. I hope my feedback was not too long for you and wish you and your team continued success. Best regards Christoph @ Switzerland




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