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The Pontus II does everything the Ares does, but at an even higher level.

Vinshine audio is a top-notch company. I’ve purchased from them twice now and each interaction has been a very good experience. Their customer service and support have been excellent, and it’s surprising how quickly their products ship and arrive. In my case it’s been 7 to 10 days. Once the product is on the FedEX flight from China it only takes about three days for arrival. For those who are wondering about dealing with an overseas company, I would say don’t worry. They are very conscientious and professional. I would have no hesitation ordering from them again.

The Denafrips DACs are everything they are hyped up to be. I started with an ARES II and liked it so much I upgraded to the Pontus II after about three months. The Ares II gave tone and body that I hadn’t had in my system. Most notable was the complete absence of digital glare that seems to be inescapable with a chip-based DAC. The Ares II sounds much more analog. The Ares II also delivers a wide and deep soundstage with excellent layering. The Pontus II does everything the Ares does, but at an even higher level. It has more detail, more resolution and nuance, and superb micro-dynamics.

I’m using them with a PrimaLuna Prologue Premium amplifier and Harbeth SHL5 Plus speakers. Both of these DACS really brought out the tone and capabilities of my Harbeths. I couldn’t be happier.

Wes C. @ USA





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