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The piano now possesses a fantastic tonal richness!

After about three months of use with the Mclk Terra sandwiched between the Pontus DAC and the Iris DDC, I can list the main advantages of this component:

The sound image is even better, especially with live recordings, and it is bigger in all three dimensions. The acoustic space of each instrument is stable and never changes in size.

What I didn't expect was an improvement in timbre. The sound is smooth and the sonic texture is very fine with reproduction of every detail on the recording. Turning up the volume to 90/94 db spl maintains the sense of naturalness and detail found at an average volume of about 80/83 db spl. The piano now possesses a fantastic tonal richness!

With classical music and audio recordings with panoramic microphones, the sound "box" reproduced is truly remarkable. The arrangement of the various sections of the orchestra is clear and precise and remains so even in the presence of strong dynamic excursions.

Compliments to Alvin and his team for the competence, availability and patience in answering every question. The service offered by Vinshineaudio is always fantastic.

Stefano Italy


- Nuc intel + Ultra Linear Power

- Hqplayer 4 + drc Acourate di AudioVero

- Denafrips Terra Mclk

- Denafrips Iris Ddc I2s - Denafrips Pontus Dac I2s - Audia Flight pre amplifier balance - Audia Flight 50 amplifier balance

- Avalon Avatar speakers

- Oudimmo Low Master room correction

- Neutral cable and Mit cable





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