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The Gaia was the right choice in this regard

Some details:

  • Loudspeaker: Boenicke W11SE (swiss made)

  • Pre -Amplifier: Grandinote Proemio (Italien made)

  • Power - Amplifier: Grandinote Silva (35 W Class A)

  • DAC: Denafrips Terminator (first Gen)

  • DDC: Denafrips Gaia (replaced the audiobyte Hydra Z)

  • Network Player: Auralic Aries Femto with BOTW Power Supply

  • Power Supply: PS Audio Power Plant 5

  • Cableing: Mostly Neotech Silver or Copper but all POOC

  • Rack: Solidsteel

  • Others : Some Tuning ...Network Acoustic ENO, Lessloss Filters etc. And extensive room treatment - this is very important for serious listening.

Am I happy ? Well, it is a journey for me and I still haven‘t arrived audio nirvana ...but I come closer. It‘s getting difficult if you have already a quite good system. New components or measure have to match exactly to push in the right direction. The Gaia was the right choice in this regard.

We will see what comes next .

Credit: Henrik H. @ Germany





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