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the focus is exclusively on the music

Dear Alvin,

A Christmas and New Year's greeting from Bergen, Norway

What has really made a difference to the quality of music playback here, has been the introduction of the Denafrips BIC500. With both the Pontus DAC, Hermes DDC and Hestia preamp connected to the BIC500, the focus is exclusively on the music. But (yes, there is a but), the real transformation happened only after dedicating my best power cable (IsoTek Ascension) from the BIC500 to the Pontus!

I know that Vinshine Audio cannot promote specific signal or power cables, but I would advise you to highlight that the Denafrips DAC’s are sensitive to the quality of any cable that goes into or out of the DAC.

Having said this, I wish both Vinshine Audio and Denafrips the best in the years to come.

Best regards

Tom G. Bergen, Norway





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