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The detail retrieval is really on another level

Hi Alvin, my Pontus came in today, and I've been listening to it. The detail retrieval is really on another level compared to the Ares II.

Here is my system. I have Sonus Faber Lumina V as Speaker A and Opera Seconda Mk1 as Speaker B through a Rotel RA1572 integrated amp. Bluesound node feeds Pontus using coax. I have dual Starke Sound SW12 subs from pre-out of Rotel amp run through a DIY B1 Nature preamp to give the bass a little more texture. Might change it after the Pontus.

The soundstage is now so much bigger compared to Ares. Also, I find the vocals are much clearer, with a lot more sparkle in the rest of the presentation. It is not a dark sounding DAC by any means.

Credit: Chandra @ USA



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