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The Denafrips set presents the contours of the sounds much more accurately

For now, I can share my experience of listening to DENAFRIPS ATHENA / APOLLO combo

When compared to the previously used Marantz PM-11 S1, you will immediately hear a different approach to resolution and precision of sound reproduction. The Denafrips set presents the contours of the sounds much more accurately, but it does not outline them too sharply, it plays it very smoothly and calmly in what i can call a distinctive way.

It has great micro and macro dynamics. Denafrips combo builds a larger soundstage and has an absolutely black background. The Set sounds warmer and fuller. The company's signature has always been the depth of the stage and here we have great depth and devotion to individual plans presented with great plasticity. The three-dimensional nature of the stage and the placement of full and tangible sounds on it make a great impression.

The space is incredibly built deep, phantom sources are located at different heights and depths, individual plans are well marked. Long decays also facilitate the plasticization of musical solids on the stage, showing them in three dimensions, in full. The complex spatial relationships between the sounds are also well depicted.

In general, I tested the set on a repertoire not necessarily typical for most audiophiles, mainly heavy/death metal and dark ambient. The system handled even the most difficult cases, such as In Flames - Clayman, Boltthrower - Mercenary or Behemoth - Satanist. The high-resolution files with Sisters of Mercy or Talk Talk sounded brilliant. In strict ambient stylistics such as Inade or Aes Dana, phenomenal space and no limitations in building depth made themselves felt.

Unfortunately, I have not managed to compare it with anything else than my second system with a tube amplifier and the Marantz Pm11 s1 that I used earlier. I have also taken the Ares 2 from my second system to compare it with Marantz Na 11 Dac :)

My system:

Loudspeakers: Mordaunt - Short Performance 6

File converter / player: Marantz NA-11s1

Preamplifier: Denafrips Athena

Power End: Denafrips Apollo

Speaker Cabling: Ultralink Ultima mk2 Bi-wire

XLR cabling: Ultralink Ultima mk2 / Neotech NEMOI-3220

Digital Cabling: Black Cat Cable Silverstar USB / RCA

Linear Power: HD Plex 400 w / 500 w

HTPC computer with dedicated USB 3 card based on NEC D720200, linearly powered

Network switch: Mikrotik CSS610-8G-2S+IN - linearly powered and separated from the rest of the network by optical fiber

Credit: Boleslaw Z @ Poland





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