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The Denafrips gave my system more live!!!

Thanks Alvin!

My Rig: - Gryphon Diablo 300 - Innuos Zen Mk3 connected to denafrips terminator plus 12 via USB - ATC 50 passive speakers - Pathos In Groove pre-phono - Acoustic Solid turntable with denon 103r (a classic) - North Star - Transport (cdpro) +Supremo DAC - Denafrips Terminator Plus 12th

In cables I have many brands going behind my rig.....and this is my best configuration..... Power cords: Isoclean super focus + isoclean power conditioner, harmonix studio master (NS Supremo DAC), Verastar GI II HR (diablo 300), Verastarr GI II (innuos), Sablon The Robusto (Denafrips TP), Fusion Audio Romance 2 (NS Transport), Dynamique Audio Shadow (in the groove pre) IEC: Fusion audio Romance 2 XLR, Furutech Line Flux XLR and RCA Speaker Cables: Furutech Line Flux

Also using some Isoacoustics isolation pucks...and just ordered isoacoustics Gaia II for my ATC speakers.

The Denafrips gave my system more live!!! very, very beautiful sound, silky, big, lot of detail but relaxed sound....its a fabulous DAC!!!

Credit: Cristian @ Chile





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