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Thanks for making a product that obviously puts the music first.

I am a professional violinist for motion pictures, recordings and symphonic and live performances in Hollywood, I am also an audiophile.

The main parts of my 2 channel system are Golden Ear Reference one speakers, PS audio Perfect Wave SACD transport, Denafrips Pontus II DAC, Stereo mono blocks using Audioquest and Shunyata Cables and power Conditioning.

The purchase of the Pontus II DAC has transformed the musicality, detail and sheer listenability of my system by a factor of 10.

I listen to Jazz, Classical, Soundtracks and rock music, hundreds of those titles I have actually

performed on as studio violinist. I know what being there felt like and sounded live. Of course, Live music is best, but after I purchased The Pontus II, most of the problems I could easily hear from digital sources were so improved that I now spend most of my time actually listening to the performances, not the problems I could easily hear with all of my digital sources before.

Bottom line, the Pontus II brings me much closer to the music and most of my professional musician colleagues feel the same. About 85% of my colleagues are overwhelmed when they listen to this system. There is no doubt in my mind that the addition of the Pontus II has moved the listening experience to another level.

I can only imaging what the Terminator and Terminator + would achieve.

Thanks for making a product that obviously puts the music first.

Jay R.

Professional Violinist @ Hollywood, California US





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