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Thanks again and “Highly recommended”

Dear Alvin,

Really Appreciated and thanks for the follow up email.

Sorry for late reply. Little busy with routine work.

My sweet and short opinion about new baby (Pontus 2, 12th Anniversary edition).

My present system was consist of PMC Twenty5 22i speakers, GATO Amp 150 AE Integrated amplifier, REL T/7x subwoofer, Chord qutest DAC and Lumin U2 mini streamer, mostly songs through Tidal connect.

Thought I having reasonable good hifi system, but I was having feeling that there is a disconnect between me and music due to too much analytical nature of presentation through by my current system.

Struggled to fill that gap and searching long for the correct solutions. Through my friends and YouTube reviews I came to know about Denafrips R2R DACs and contacted Mr.Alvin few months ago. Being so kind and honest, Mr.Alvin suggested Pontus 2.

Finally placed order February 2023 and rest are………as smooth as internet world is described about Vinshine Company and Mr.Alvin & Team.

To be frank……I was not having any expectations about night and day difference by introducing Pontus 2 in to my system chain as DAC which is replaced with Chord qutest.

Connected Pontus and kept continuously on for almost two weeks. 1st day of 3rd week………first song “Right here waiting for you” by Julienne Taylor……wow……….wow.

This is what I was looking for.

Now My entire hifi system become reference for “the best” reference system in my friends circle.

The body, the soul and all audiophile world words are made possible and the 3d sound stage is visible in-front of me now a days through my system after just introduced Pontus 2, 12th anniversary edition in to my hifi system chain.

No words to express my joy and happiness. Many thanks to Mr.Alvin and Team for this great product to the audiophile world.

Looking forward for new FPGA Firmware updates to see any SQ elevation which will be the bonus to me.

Thanks again and “Highly recommended” Best Regards,

Sathishkumar L. @ Qatar





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