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Stereo imaging got everyway better

And of course, few words about the current state of my music listening devices. Got new places for the floorstanders, amp, dac, etc. Still no proper room treatment, got much better imaging, but struggling with bass(some have to do with my really cheap speakers and some with the room dimensions). Some days it feels like I'm going crazy when moving speakers in different positions in a room. But hey, that's one thing that makes it affordable hobby when you get something new for free only moving speakers around all day.

Stereo imaging got everyway better and I have done some comparing between my old trusty CD-changer, amplifiers integrated DAC and with Ares ll.

At this moment I've using mainly my Phone/TV(not any super high quality format) as a source. With the Ares I noticed that music sounds similar when I compare it to my old CD player using it's integrated dac. It seems that for my ears the older sound (dont get me wrong with term "old" , just using term when I refer it to my CD players sound) is what I like. And now with the new dac I like it better compared when i used amps dac. Imaging is better and I think that all the instruments are more clear and more easy to separate from each other. Next upgrade has to be the speakers. After updating them I think that I really start getting much more out of the Ares ll.

Best wishes for you and every one in this tough economic situation.

Credit: Johan @ Finland





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