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Sound more analog which I like

Speaker=Marten Mile 5

Amplifier=Pass Labs x-350

Pre Amp=Accuphase c2810

Turnable=Oracle Delphi Mark 4 with Graham tone arm and Benz micro wood sl cartridge

Music sever=HDPLEX H5 Fanless case with intel i7-11700k, Jcat USB Xe, Linear power supply

Now once in awhile, I would switch the amp using Canary Audio m50 vacuum tube amp and also I would switch the DAC to Musical Paradise mp-d2k3 vacuum dac with capacitor and all the tube upgrade including the amperex buggle 6922 and Mullard 5r4 tube. The issue I am not using the musical paradise is because it has ess 9038 pro dac chips and I find it little to overwhelm. I am waiting for musical paradise to have the akm 4499 chips. Lucky about musical paradise dac is you can replace chips, capacitors and tubes. It’s a tinker paradise.

With regard to the Venus 2, so far I am playing it and it sound pretty good. Sound more analog which I like and that is the reason why I still like to Vinyl. I am still trying to break in hopefully it will sound better in two weeks.

Lastly, want to say happy new year and wishing you and your family good fortune this coming year. Vietnamese we would say chúc mừng năm mới.

Steven @ USA





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