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So I took a small risk here.

I bought Denafrips Ares II based on good reviews, without the possibility of trial listening. So I took a small risk here.

My current Stax headphone-based hardware is the first better hardware for me to just listen to high quality music.

I listen to all my music wirelessly through the Lindemann Limetree Bridge II streamer, which transfer digital signal and over sampled it to Ares II.

My first impression was really great. Wide and clear stereo image, without distortion or anything suggestive of digital interference, which I’ve heard with a lot of lower quality hardware.

The biggest problem has been noticing how few really well-recorded pieces of music have been made. I listen to all kinds of music, from classical to heavy metal. Denafrips Ares II has played all the music as well as the original recording quality gives way.

I highly recommend, especially for lower-budget systems.

Marko M., Finland





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