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So for now it's lay back lights off and loosing myself in music.


There's not a lot i can add that other have enthused already about the Pontus II.

I took delivery Monday this week left it in the room where it's going to be used to come to room temperature.

I left it this way for 24 hours then unboxed and powered up until now 2am Thursday.

Ok the new toy syndrome got the better of me and the wife arriving home for the last 3 days not understanding why i wasn't using it, but Psychoacoustics and more importantly MUSIC goes over her head.

Any way now introduced to my playthings they all shook hands and are getting along together splendidly. As of yet i haven't played about with various settings, using roon i used the previous settings for my Devialet 400s, and its sublime what i am listening to, a rather un heard of chap in England, goes by the name KEBU, an album called TO Jupiter And Back. I couldn't have stated better, with out wrangling with my library.

TO anyone interested, being a retired electrical engineer i've spent hours improving the incoming mains then on to the rig. It's all via it's own metalclad distribution board, 10mm csa via 20a rcbo's then using MK industrial plugs/sockets on to a psu audio P5 regenerator for the main kit and a Isotek sub for the low voltage gear.

The system comprises, PS Audio PWT cd player, Melco N1A storage (400+ cds) I7 NUC S Booster psu. Chord English Electric Switch, massdrop x thx aaa 789 linear amplifier, HiFI Mann HD6se headphones, and the Denafrips Pontus II. All cables are Chord Signature Tuned array. I have yet to fine/decide on an HDMI for the PWT to the Pontus, but i can't say i am in a real hurry.

So for now it's lay back lights off and loosing myself in music.

Thanks for everything you help with, hopefully soon i'll be back for more.

Kind regards

Simon M. @ US





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