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Pontus II DAC and Hades Preamp has exceeded expectations

My new Pontus II DAC and Hades Preamp has exceeded expectations. It is a lush sound that is sublime with stage depth, width, and detail. This is a DAC combination for vinyl lovers. It's as close to a vinyl record sound that I've ever heard with streaming technology. Thank you for a wonderful transaction and fast shipping from your location to the USA. I was overly impressed with the amazing customer service by your team.

I was able to make the special splitter cable to convert the balanced XLR outputs to 2 identical unbalanced RCA signals. This approach kept the sparkle in the higher frequencies while allowing me to add two moderately sized subwoofers with passive radiators to my stereo system. This turned my nice speaker setup into an amazing sounding system with a lot of value. I prefer to use the NOS configuration on the Pontus. The streaming comes from an Eversolo DMP-A6 via Diamond USB to my Pontus then XLR to the Hades Preamp. I run a modified Willsenton R8 valve amp with Electro-Harmonix tubes to Klipsch Heresy IV speakers and a Behringer NX1000D DSP amp to JL Audio subs and Kicker radiators. A true Heresy combination.

However it's the PONTUS II and my HADES PREAMP that are the beating heart of my stereo system. Instruments sound very well placed in space giving fantastic imaging. I don't notice my speakers in the room while listening to music. The sounds are detailed and natural in presentation. Vocals are the star of my setup and sound incredible.

I highly recommend the Pontus II and the Hades preamp for anyone wanting a high level MidFi setup or a gateway HiFi system. Denafrips manufacturers amazing sounding products that are durable with high quality materials. Thank you again for all your help and manufacturing a high quality product.

Cheers, John D. @ USA



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