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Pontus II 12th made the listening session much comfortable

I got the Pontus II 12th anniversary in my system for about 1 month time. As far as I can tell, its getting better over time, and its really difficult for me to walk away from my listening position!

I made the purchase during CNY time, knowing Vinshine Audio is in good time with their family members, I was expecting a little more delay for my package to arrive. To my surprise they start sending out the unit as soon as their break ended and reach to my doorsteps in about a week time.

Sound wise, I can hear many details despite that my system wasn’t TOTL. Bass guitar for example became clearly more energize, separated note by notes. Pontus II has made it noticeable in my system.

You can sit and easily pin point position of the sections of the instrument in an orchestral pieces. They usually are complex and difficult to play in an audio system due to number of instruments is involved (eg: Movie Soundtracks / Game Soundtracks, Star Wars for example)

There is no way my system can be as resolve as TOTL system, but I was just comparing it before Pontus II installed.

I am pretty sure Pontus II has more potential when it is used with higher end gear, no doubt about that.

Another thing that is very much a compliment as before Pontus II got into my system, I couldn’t care to have multiple hours listening session; even sometimes having hard time to finish a 90minutes album without feeling fatigue.

Pontus II 12th made the listening session much comfortable, that I can now listen album to album without feeling fatigue.

Attach a photo from my listening position :)

Credit: Loo @ Malaysia





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