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Pontus has exceeded my expectations!

Hi Alvin,

Once again your Pontus has exceeded my expectations! Like my Ares II, the Pontus has the same natural analog sound. Now with a greater expansive sound stage.

Also what I am very impressed with on both units is how dark the background noise is. Absolutely void of any hiss no matter which input I'm using! I have recently got back into the stereo hobby after a 20 year hiatus mostly due to the family time restraints😄. I come from a car stereo background where my favorite sound came from ads 320i speakers, and soundstream amplifiers. It's ability to play every detail without any harshness, along with punchy in your chest bass is the sound I strive for.

To me your r2r dac's are the foundation for achieving that sound I'm looking for.

Thanks again for your awesome customer service!

Living - audiolab 6000n streamer, total cd player > Pontus dac > shirt frea + pre > naim nap 250 amp > css criton 1td-x kit speakers > front and back of the room rel subs.

Bedroom - audiolab 6000n streamer > Ares II dac > Willsenton r8 integrated amp > dynaudio focus 160 speakers > rel T/7 subwoofer.

Credit: Lance




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