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Overall a very pleasant sound.

I am very happy with my purchase of the Ares 2 DAC. I watched some youtube videos and they all raved about the Ares so I decided to go for it. I was using another DAC at the time but still went ahead and got the Ares. I love the open sound of the Ares 2. Bass response is nice and punchy and the highs are not the least bit harsh. Overall a very pleasant sound.

No listener fatigue here. The Ares really brings out the best of my Triangle BRO3 speakers. Getting the BRO3 speakers was another wise choice. I run the Ares in OS mode. I would recommend this DAC to anyone looking for something in this price point.

I have attached a photo of my modest system. Top to bottom - Schiit Freya+ preamp which I run in tube mode.

  • under that is the Jeff Rowland 125 power amp, 125wpc

  • under that is an Onkyo CD player, goes into the Ares 2 under that is the Cambridge CXC CD transport, goes into the Ares 2 the Ares 2 is to the right on its side under that is a SAE 180 parametric EQ under that is the DBX 400x switching unit speakers are Triangle BRO3

Credit: Nelson O. @ New York





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