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Musical expression and emotion is the best way to describe the sound

Hi Alvin.

Attached are pics of my system.

I find the Ares 2 Dac solves the classic 'Digital' problems that still exist since digital music has been available. Those being high frequency 'glare', harshness and undesirable noise.

Right after adding the Ares 2 Dac to my system I noticed a very natural relaxed sound. The need for 'tweeking' is gone. My speakers, B&W N802 are very revealing and accurate, known for this attribute. I no longer hear a 'bright' top end but a sense of air and decay from the instruments. I can hear the environment from the recordings as well as other details that were previously noise and or glare with a regular dac chip set. The sound stage is open and holographic.

I find listening more enjoyable than ever. I'm really enjoying going back to very old recordings and hearing things that I've never heard before. It's almost like getting an entirely new system.

Musical expression and emotion is the best way to describe the sound since adding this to my system. There is now a very analog 'tube like' sound. Anyone looking for a new Dac will be very happy.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product Denefrips! I can't say enough wonderful things about this Dac!

About me:

I'm a nurse working in a medical unit at Burnaby Hospital. I'm a Covid survivor. Tested positive December 17, 2020. Isolated and only had mild symptoms. Missed 4 shifts due to isolation and have had both vaccines.

Music is my solace and I'm also a guitar player and sing once in a while. I've been interested in good reliable sound reproduction since the age of about 8 years old.It's really a journey and learning experience.

Credit: Shaun A. @ Canada





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